Open Showings and

Community Discussions

"Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women."

-Maya Angelou


First one: November 19 | 3-5pm 

@ SHIFT Movement and Healing Arts

FREE and open to the public. A facilitated sharing of the work in progress and community discussions around gender, race, sexuality, and body shaming/body positivity. In this format we engage the public in a unique kinesthetic exploration of womxn’s issues. In this way, the public becomes an active part of the artistic process. The dialogue and movement research that takes place in these public events will directly inform the creation of the performance, which will premiere in May 2018.

Community Centered Process

This work centers womxn -- queer womxn, womxn of color and first generation Americans. It cultivates a platform for their voices and stories to be heard. In this innovative model, the public does not passively watch a dance. We invite them to be an active part of the artistic process through open showings, community discussions, workshops and our online story sharing forum. The dialogue and movement research from these events will directly inform the performances.

Community Partners


Mighty Chix: Youth Dance Workshops

In Partnership with Rainier Dance Center 

A body positive movement workshop exploring self-image, relationships, assertiveness, empowerment, and solidarity among girls and womxn. We address the challenges girls face today in a fun, safe and creative environment. Through movement, theater games, writing and discussion we navigate self-image and body positivity. Activities inspire resilience, reflection and self-expression through the power of dance.